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January 26, 2015
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Home Building Horror Stories


If you are looking to have your home remodeled or possible built from the ground up, it is extremely important to ensure that you are working with a trustworthy management company. We have provided some horror stories below that highlight what can possible go wrong when you do not have a solid relationship with your contractor. Everest Construction Management Group places customer service as our number one priority.

"We have been in the house now for three years and it has flooded five times! I was told by the builder that he fired the plumber who did the work. Three different plumbers that I hired all said that the plumbing is illegal in the house, that the drains and the sump-pump are not vented!"

"We had a bunch of custom woodwork done for the staircase, but he used glue with the nails and all the glue pushed out and he just smoothed it over. When it was stained, none of the stain took because of the glue. It was all blotched. I had to sand all the woodwork and stain that myself."

You can avoid horror stories like the one above by hiring a contractor that you can trust. At Everest Construction Management Group we pride ourselves in our customer service. Please feel free to call at any time, we would love to speak to you about your plans and dreams as a homeowner.

Everest Construction
Everest Construction
Bryan Hietpas & Edward Schneider Cofounders of Everest Construction Management Group Inc., are committed to providing a level of service second to none. With a dedicated team of highly skilled, experienced and professional members they believe in responding to each project's special needs; honor budgets, schedules, and delivery of only the highest caliber of construction services.

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