Payment Options

Payment Options

Do you need to finance your next project?

At Everest Construction Management Group, Inc. We know times can be difficult in this economic downfall, so we devised a team to help you and your family when it comes to all your home improvement needs. Each month we are going to keep up with our competitor's prices and the market value for home improvement expense so you don’t have to do all the work.

We are also providing different payment options for your new home improvement project. Choose from a 90 day payment system or a 12 month financing option.Sometimes we can even finance you for as long as 3 years.

Did you know the average consumer is spending over 300 dollars a month just in gas alone? We are here to help you eliminate the worry of cost. Give us a call.

Get plugged in with our new financing options. Do you need a roof or a new floor? Maybe you just want to add a new family room. We are now offering financing starting a 0% interest for the first full year of your new home project. Call and ask to speak with one of our specialists to get you plugged in right away for your financing today.

If you are not sure about financing but would still like to start a new project, give us a call and let our specialists help you come up with a solution to accomplish your goal.

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