Service Guarantee

Our Service Guarantee

We have a responsibility to provide a superior product and quality service. We believe in quality customer service and the customer comes first.

We have a responsibility to provide security and opportunity to the team members that make us successful. With a team-based approach and dedication they meet any challenge with a guarantee for quality craftsmanship.

As a construction based company, we must be responsible for the client's interests and be driven to detail on their behalf. As a relationship-based company, we promote communication and are dedicated to long-term client and team commitments.

ECMG clients are the most important part of our business. Satisfied, repeat clients are a measure of success. Without our faithful clients our company would not be here today after 20 years.

Team performance, morale, client responsiveness, strong subcontractors & supplier relationships, strategic growth, superior quality, stability and Everest Construction Management Group Inc., name recognition are considered measures of success and we will continue to build Everest Construction Management Group Inc.

We guarantee all of your materials as specified. All work will be completed in a workman-like manner according to standard practice.

Any alteration or deviation from the project specification, will be executed only upon written orders to insure our customer satisfaction.

We offer up to 20 year warranties on all of our work contingent upon the scope of work and we provide excellent maintenance and repair in a short and timely manner.

Above all we guarantee our customer satisfaction and loyalty. If your scope of work is not complete to 100% satisfaction you don’t pay until we get the job done.

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